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    Stripe Release Customer Charge

    How can you release a charge???? https://cartalyst.com/manual/stripe/1.0 “Release Authorization” button in stripe but calling from the api “above will put a temporary authorization on the provided card….” Hi Pete Keen, how would you release a…
  • HTML & CSS

    HTML5 Dynamic Banners & DoubleClick Ads

    “dynamic elements of your ad, such as call-to-action (CTA) text, exit URLs, images, and more, either manually or programmatically based on targeting rules that you define.” – Rich Media – Responsive HTML5 – Parallax effect…
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    Laravel error

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘UnexpectedValueException’ with message ‘The stream or file “/opt/bitnami/apache2/htdocs/back-end/storage/logs/laravel-2015-07-09.log” could not be opened: failed to open stream: Permission denied’ in /opt/bitnami/apache2/htdocs/back-end/vendor/monolog/monolog/src/Monolog/Handler/StreamHandler.php:84 Stack trace: #0 /opt/bitnami/apache2/htdocs/back-end/vendor/monolog/monolog/src/Monolog/Handler/RotatingFileHandler.php(88): Monolog\Handler\StreamHandler->write(Array) #1 /opt/bitnami/apache2/htdocs/back-end/vendor/monolog/monolog/src/Monolog/Handler/AbstractProcessingHandler.php(37): Monolog\Handler\RotatingFileHandler->write(Array) #2 /opt/bitnami/apache2/htdocs/back-end/vendor/monolog/monolog/src/Monolog/Logger.php(269): Monolog\Handler\AbstractProcessingHandler->handle(Array)…
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    Dynamic Select Boxes with Laravel 5

    This is how you can create a dynamic select box with Laravel passing data from your controller to blade view. select2 js plugin mutiple select options dynamic options option groups HTML (BLADE PHP) JS LARAVEL…
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    Laravel YouTube embed play only once (PHP)

    How to get a youtube video to play only once first time then show play button. working code   Refs: https://erichickstech.com/how-to-autoplay-play-a-youtube-video-only-once-by-setting-a-cookie/https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1116635
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    Site to register and send code to mobile

    Station distributes your content across the globe. With support in almost every country, our platform is perfectly designed to extend your reach and find other creative individuals, places, and events. https://stationlocal.com/register
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    “gulp watch –production”

    I want to be able to run the gulp watch but have it build a production version instead of a development version. I know you can do this: “gulp –production” But can you do this:…