Cloudflare “Must be a valid IPv4 address”

I got this Error when entering my A name record in cloudflare “Must be a valid IPv4 address”.

DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004): Content for A record is invalid. Must be a valid IPv4 address (Code: 9005)



Then i contacted support as you do…


It looks like you are pointing your domain to a nameserver, are you sure that is the proper value for the CNAME record? Your hosting provider should be able to provide the CNAME value for you. Normally, however, your host will provide you an IP that you would use to create an A record. Please let me know what your hosting company says.

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Support Engineer | CloudFlare

Hi I have got my A name record from my host but when I try to add it I get an error. See attached screenshot. The A record is


Looks like the hosting provider gave me the wrong ip address, now they have given me the right one it works!


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