Why GMAIL for business emails are going into SPAM

The problem

we have a google for business account and some of our emails are ending up in the spam folder of our clients. We have a verified domain name. We use mailchimp to send out a weekly newsletter, other than that we have no idea why this would be happening.


Bulk Senders Guidelines
Gmail Postmaster Tools provides senders with metrics on parameters such as reputation, spam rate, feedback loop, etc. It can help you check compliance to the Gmail bulk sender guidelines, as well as identify issues that can cause trouble with the spam filter.

Bulk Senders Guidelines https://support.google.com/mail/answer/81126?hl=en

Postmaster Tools

Go to postmaster.google.com.
On the bottom-right, click the + button.
In the box that pops up, enter your authentication domain.
Next, prove that you own the domain by adding a DNS TXT or a DNS CNAME record.

Postmaster Tools

Postmaster getting started

postmaster domain verification

postmaster tools 4

postmaster complete

postmaster tools 6

Spam rate.

postmaster spam rate

Most of the Postmaster Tools dashboards will display data only when there is a sizable daily volume of email traffic (up to the order of hundreds) coming from your Authentication Domains and/or certain other conditions, in place to prevent abuse. Also, make sure you’re following Gmail’s best practices.

In addition, some of the dashboards, like Spam Rate and Feedback Loop, need your traffic to be signed by DKIM in order to show any data.


I’ve given you access to view this spam data also when it becomes available.

Postmaster Tools 7

Other tips:

Jeff Atwood had a really good post on things to do to help your email get through. This made a huge difference for the company I work for. Some highlights:

  • Make sure the computer sending the email has a Reverse PTR record.
  • Configure DomainKeys Identified Mail in your DNS and code.
  • Set up a SenderID record in your DNS.

[email protected] (didnt work, maybe post25 site is down?)

So traffic data only turns up in postmaster tools when emails are in the hundreds?!?!?

traffic to be signed by DKIM

Recommended by Google

Turn on email signing

Postmaster Authenticate Email with DKIM


authenticate email

authenticate email 2

authenticate email 3

authenticate email 4

TXT Record

Unable to enter a name for the TXT record in united domains?!?!?!

So is this stopping it from authenticating?!?!? Can it just work on the TXT value alone?

authenticate email 5


Recommendations to clients

  • Add our email address to your contact list
  • If your using Gmail, create a filter so the email never ends up in spam

Legitimate mail is marked as spam https://support.google.com/a/answer/9008?hl=en

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