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Intro to Stripe connect

Stripe connect is a platform trying to compete with the big players such as Paypal but their latest creation “Connect” falls way below par. This is why…


Stripe connect conclusions

  1. lack of documentation EXAMPLES specific to setting up TESTING accounts, particularly around STANDALONE accounts in UK Stripe
  2. no way to verify provisioning accounts during testing – leading to no way to test acct_id to a specific customer on the platform by customer_id or email
  3. lack of support for Laravel platform – missing API end points for stripe connect, which I coded myself but lacking support around errors and having to use CURL to get access tokens
  4. lack of diagrams to show how stripe would work as a complete payment solution for a “marketplace” based application
  5. too many tokens and ids involved. stripe_publishable_key, stripe_user_id, token_type, refresh_token, access_token, stripe_provisioning_activation, STRIPE_CONNECT_SECRET_KEY, STRIPE_CONNECT_PUBLISH_KEY, STRIPE_CONNECT_CLIENT_ID, customer_secret, customer_key… all leads to massive confusion.
  6. the process for the end user is too much when they are hit with the big form to fill out in order to join Stripe and connect their account to the platform

Stripe Connect: https://stripe.com/docs/connect

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