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Missed Schedule WordPress 4x cron job aws ec2 bitnami

So I just upgraded WordPress and all of a sudden the scheduled posts are not working. This is soo fustrating that I’ve written a quick blog post to diagnose the issues and hopefully find a solution.


wordpress 4.5.2 is giving missed schedule error on posts.

wordpress 4.5.2

Possible Causes

Disable wordpress cron
Add manual cron to your server

sudo su –
crontab -e
[vim basic]

*/5 * * * * wget -q -O – >/dev/null 2>&1

Missed Schedule WordPress

[esc] :wq [enter]

Restart cron

restart cron


Install WP TimeZone plugin or WP Cron Control

wp cron control

Bitnami wget cron job command

*/5 * * * * /usr/bin/wget -q wget -q

Check your cron with

crontab -l

crontab 1


Not yet found. Stay tuned.


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Sam Deering is a web developer from England (currently living in Australia). In his spare time he enjoys coding, playing chess, reading and investing.

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