Top 5 Tools You Can Use to Test Your WordPress Website Speed

This is what I think are the top 3 speed testing tools to test your WordPress website speed. I have added a brief spiel on the benefits/good points of using each of the tools so you know what your looking at and what the speed test numbers actually mean.

1. Official Google Page Speed Tool

Google Page Speed Tool

This is the official page speed tool by Google. It’s very hard to get a WordPress based site above 90+/100 without some major technical enhancements. As it’s maintained by Google it’s probably the one to use in terms of getting a benchmark of the speed. It’s not the best tool for developers though there are other tools available which give you more specific details on how to specifically improve the speed in a certain area.

There is also a mobile site rating too which is useful, and very hard to get high rating for mobile WordPress sites.

Google Page Speed Tool 2

It also has a user experience rating which doesn’t really help one bit and is usually high. If it’s not 90+ your in serious trouble for SEO.

Google Page Speed Tool 3

2. Web Page Speed Test Tool

web page speed test tool

The web page speed test is actually the tool which most Google developers use to test their sites (the irony in that haha but its true). You’ll find that this drills down into the details throughly and gives you a breakdown into 6 main areas. If your running Google Adsense on your site then this will give you a low rating (like the D above) and there is nothing you can do about this – it’s just the JavaScript loaded with the adverts images. You can however get everything else to A as you can see.

The waterfall view is pretty sweet to see whats being loaded and could be slowing load times.

web page speed test tool 2

3. GTMextrix Speed Test Tool


This tool is very popular (although I don’t rate it as highly as web page speed test above). Same story with Google Adsense which gives the Yslow score a C above. Again nothing you can do about this if your using Adsense for monetization.

This tool has a really good web page comparison tool – great for comparing web pages with competitors.

GTMextrix 2

4. Chrome Dev Tools

chrome dev tools

Press F12 in your Chrome browser to view dev tools. This tool is sweet for quick checking what is loading and potentially spotting large files off the bat which you can remove or relocate or minify etc or spotting large images slowing page speed. If you sort by size you can spot these straight away.

More tools:
What is everybody else using? please share below!

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